About Jim

Jim’s interest in photography started in the early 1980’s when he almost went into the business full time, but decided against it when kids started coming along and the need for medical insurance was more important than doing what he loved. After drifting away from photography for a few years, he was introduced to the world of the new, auto-focus Nikon digital SLR camera and pursued it with more passion than before. He now owns eight digital SLR bodies and he still has his old film camera as well. Finally in 2003, and after finishing his studies at the New York Institute of Photography, with the support of family and friends, he was convinced to follow his dream and that is how Jim’s professional career got started.

During the years of being in the corporate world Jim had the pleasure to travel extensively to places like Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong and many other locations on this great planet. With all of that travel he now prefers to stay close to home and do what he loves to do, take pictures.

If not shooting weddings Jim also does corporate photography, children, and seniors. He has had the opportunity to photograph many people of interest, including the likes of, Rick Springfield, Adam West, Robert Ficano and has been published in “Lawyers Weekly” and “Michigan In Touch”. He also does quite a lot of charity work for his church, St. John Lutheran Church, in Fraser, MI.

Previously, his wife Debbie & him have been wedding coordinators at their church in Fraser, Michigan, for many years. From that perspective, he has observed many photographers and their styles – which range from professional to downright awful. Jim often reminds his wife of one photographer who used his assistant to continually wipe the sweat off his brow with a Kleenex. Debbie isn’t going for it, and he’s not pushing.

Photo courtesy of Robert Bruce